Dreams of a Wanderer

  These are the experiences and observations of a wanderer led by dreams and goals most glorious  

The OR

Private Practice.
Restored vision.
Restored faith.

Some scenery and good food.

The Rundown

Day 1 - Shadowing Family Nurse Practitioner in a Private Practice setting.

Day 2 - Shadowing Neonatologist in the NICU in a hospital setting

Day 3 - Shadowing Ophthalmologist in a private practice setting with an OR

Day 4 - Shadowing Neonatal Nurse Practitioner in a hospital setting

Day 5 - DAY OFF —- Touring Old Tucson!

Day 6 - Work on paper of my experience

Day 7 thru 10 - Repeat! Fly back home.

Words&Reflections: The Delivery Room

There is a balancing act woman take on.

I think it is embedded into our core being, we are always hanging between two realms.

The more we try to fight it the higher up it takes us.

The delivery room is a place of perfect limbo. The first time is chaotic and beautiful.

It sees more tears of joy from a man’s eye than any sports game.

It is the only place a woman fully embraces her nature.

Nurses introduce or reintroduce the necessities.

It is both beautiful and heartwarming. This baby is a balancing act, they need but they also give much warmth. Their cries burst from fragile lungs to expanding and adjust to a new world. and it is incredible.

It is a talent show for the newborn to show off their skills: blue to pink within minutes, opera skills, and their sharp dance moves.

The process of a family being created or expanded is one of life’s greatest balancing act.

It is fitting that the ways of life match that of a woman, always giving.


Words&Reflections: The NICU

Sometimes the hallways are flooded with fresh love.

Sometimes the doctors get to witness this love between a mother and child.

Sometimes the child is a little too excited to be embraced by loving arms.

Preterm babies are the most delicate living beings under the sky.

The women and men that see to their nutrition, development, and care are medical magicians.

Behind the doors marked NICU, gentle care breads a culture of compassion.

Its a transformation from a tiny baby just a fee weeks gestation, to a rowdy fighter living the open crib life.

Sometimes the hallways are flooded. Other times the Newborn floor is where mother and child can explore an unspeakable bond.

- Day Two: The NICU. On this day I shadowed a Neonatologist. She works on bring preterm babies (preemies) into a better state of health. The work she does is both clinical and surgical as she can also perform surgeries on preterm babies. The floor is where most preterm babies receive various treatments. Some need special lights to keep them warm because they cannot do it themselves. Some also haven’t learned to suck yet which is something a baby develops a habit of in the womb. They need help feeding and receive nutritions through a variety of routes. The difference between caring for a preterm baby and health babies or adults is a heightened sense of observation since they’re often irritable and more dependent then healthy babies. They are truly beautiful and go on (with the right care) to live full and fulfilling lives. The hours can be reasonable and the more experience the more say in schedule. Shifts were a variety of 8/16/24 hours. Private practice is also possible.

Words&Reflections: The Private Practice


The mountains of Arizona have a surreal relationship with the sun.

The rustic colors come together to paint a canvas that even the moon, too cool for the day time, would even call home.

If the sun were to ever take human form, he would reside in Arizona.

He would find a home between two…

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The Journey


It was a cramped journey. 

I was in the window seat, looking down at everything I could be, and in between feeling overwhelmed and ecstatic - I was mortified.

It was a cramped journey, I was pressed between my past and my future, and my present looked more appealing than ever.

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